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Thursday, November 2, 2006


Each of us wants to achieve something.But it is futile to sit idle and have high hopes.To pursue success you need to have a single minded devotion and soul into it.You have to want to want something,want it steadly and strongly before you'll expend the effort to achieve it.
The second step is to set a goal for yourself.Be sure that the goal is definite,not vogue.
A jackal and a cat met in the middle of a forest.The jackal asked the cat how he would get away from a tiger.The cat said"I know one way,and that is to climb the tree as fats as possible".Then it ask the jackal what his solution would be.The jackal replied,"Brother,I know 101 ways of getting away.For example,I can go into the bush,can climb up the rocks,can hide behind the tree,can go into a hole".
Suddenly a tiger appeared.The cat immediately climbed the tree while the jackal pondered-which solution should he adopt? meanwhile the tiger pounced on the jackal and killed it.
This revealed that too many choices have put a tremendous demand on the brain to make the correct decision.Too many choices sometimes create conflicts and problems and lead to unhappiness and failure.
Success cannot come solely through luck or good fortune.You also need to have a strong believe in yourself.You must possess a firm determination to win in spite of all odds.You muct also have the 'Patience' and 'Perseverance' to stand straight in all circumstances.Always keep a cheerful disposition,no matter how tough is the going.There is no shortcut to success.If you stop,others will takeover you.So once you step up,don't look back.
Each day is a chance to invest in life;a chance to renew yourself.To shed yesterdays skin.To unburden yourself.To get rid of yesterdays failure.Be glad of life each day as it gives you a chance to work,love and play;to look at the sun.And then when the sunsets don't cry,the tears will make you miss the beauty of the stars.So get going till you reach your coveted goal.
Nothings gonna keep me down bounce,bounce
Stand up;shout it out bounce,bounce
I play hard,I play to win,count me out,count me in
I'll be bouncing back bounce
Bon Jovi.


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