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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Use emoticons on blogger blog

If you read through some of the posts on the Cool Stuff blog, you will notice that I use emoticons quite frequently. While writing good article is important, adding emoticons to a blog post makes it looks more interesting.To add these smileys, follow these steps:
First log in to Blogger
Then go to Layout -> click on "Edit HTML" tab
, now find this code


STEP 2 :
And just BEFORE it, add this line:

<script src='http://www.yourjavascript.com/0252121426/emoticons.js' type='text/javascript'/>

Finally save the template. :)   :)]

PS: Although the required javascript file has already been uploaded and linked by me in the code above, but as a backup download and save this file on your PC.
And you may also upload and link it yourself from your own MyDataNest account.

And upload the file (smiley.js) here: MyDataNest.com


ku2 said...

tive chhina, a tha reuh phian, mahse a chang chuan tum loh na deuh2 ah a rawn lang chiai chiai.. edit leh deuh ngai don.. :D

thinchhia said...

@ku2 thanks. nia a thra phian mahse i sawi ang deuhin hman atanga hmanloh chuan a lo lang tuarh ta thrin a, mahse blog ti nuam ve lawm an lo khik sung hian ;))

Lucy In The Sky said...

Ha! I've always wanted to know how to do this and today I saw lots of them on Ku2's blog and I was gonna google it. No doubt Ku2 found it here hahah.

Thanks for sharing!

Lucy In The Sky said...

PS: Clicking on links always takes me back to "Photos" tab. Is it just me?

thinchhia said...

:-$ ok photos tab DELETED

Anonymous said...

cool i willl try this for my blog :P

Anonymous said...

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